FIFA has ordered Belgium not to wear their colourful training shirt in the World Cup as it promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

There were issues already regarding the OneLove campaign where FIFA announced players may get carded or be suspended for that gesture. Several countries like England, Netherlands and Germany then backed out from wearing the armband following that. And now Belgium has been ordered to not wear their colourful training shirts during the tournament.

Belgium have also been forced to change their white away kit that had the word ‘love’ inside the shirt’s collar and visible to supporters.

Now they have been sanctioned from wearing the training kit as it is inspired by Belgium’s famous musical festival Tomorrowland, which promotes diversity, inclusion and equality.

It has come as a massive shock to Belgium and the head of the Belgium Football Association Peter Bossaert said all the countries are baffled by FIFA’s orders.

“Most of my colleagues were at the opening match, I don’t think they saw anything of the spectacle. We had other concerns. The fact is that all of us cannot live with the attitude of FIFA. Not even myself,” Bossaert said.

He also said the countries will have to ‘critically analyze’ their relationship with FIFA as the governing body’s strictness to curb this matter has been ‘shocking’.

This Qatar World Cup has been marred with controversy due to the host nation’s several human rights violations. Countries across the globe have openly criticized their ill-treatment of migrant workers and homophobic stance on the nation’s LGBTQ+ community.