Germany FA has decided to take FIFA to CAS for their ban of the One Love armband recently. It has to be seen what the verdict is from CAS.

One Love armband was set to be worn by the players as a message of diversity and inclusion in the tournament, but FIFA warned the countries to not wear that as donning those armbands will break tournament rules and can have ‘massive consequences.

The players could have been suspended for an indefinite period or get carded for wearing those armbands, as was said by FIFA. Amid this, Germany have told their captain Manuel Neuer to not wear the armband in their group league match against Japan on Wednesday.

The ball is now on the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s (CAS) court as their decision will determine the next act of the German FA. A special ad hoc division of CAS has been set up for the World Cup which will make decisions within 48 hours of receiving a case.

Manuel Neuer (Right) will wear the One Love armband if CAS rules in their favour

Hence, it means a ruling out of the FIFA sanction by CAS will mean Manuel Neuer wearing the One Love armband in their next group stage match against Spain on Sunday.

Several other countries like England, Netherlands, Belgium are also not wearing the One Love armband after FIFA threatened repercussions. The DFB lost one of its commercial partners recently as German supermarket chain REWE decided to opt out of their sponsorship deal due to the ongoing armband issue.

REWE chief executive Lionel Souque said, “We stand for diversity and football is diversity. The scandalous behaviour of FIFA is for me as the CEO of a diverse company, as well as a football fan, absolutely unacceptable.”

Germany are placed in the Group E along with Japan, Spain and Costa Rica as the 2014 World Champions aim to redeem themselves after a disappointing outing four years ago in Russia.