World Cup broadcast in India by Jio Cinema app and the possible ways to improve the glitches and lags for the users streaming from mobile or laptops.

But on the opening day, there were issues with the Jio Cinema app as users complained of glitches and constant buffering. Since the Opening Ceremony, the stuttering of the Jio Cinema app left football fans frustrated on Sunday. There were plenty of complaints from the fans, ironic jeers and memes towards Jio and pure anger from the people around the country for their dismal shortcomings with the broadcasting, which even prompted Jio to issue an apology.

Even on Monday, there were issues with the streaming quality, especially if the users were streaming from their smartphones. Argentina is set to play on Tuesday and fans are sceptical about enjoying the match given their experience with the streaming so far.

But amid this, there is a way to improve your streaming quality while streaming with the Jio Cinema app. This is the way you can fix your streaming issues, if you are streaming from the Jio Cinema app or website.

Fans around the country were bemused with Jio Cinema’s broadcasting issues

These are the ways to fix the issue-

Update the App:

Update the Jio Cinema app to its latest version from the Google Playstore to enjoy the best streaming quality.

Fix the Jio Cinema App’s in-match feed:

Open the Jio Cinema App and while watching the match, go to settings. You will find a popup showing Hype Mode in that. Click the Hype Mode, find the Camera icon and click it. Upon that, there will be an option coming up as Extended Stadium Feed. Click on that and Voila! your streaming quality will definitely improve.

Also in some platforms, you may see the Camera from the settings only. So keep an eye on that.