Floyd Mayweather is known to be one of the richest sportspersons in the world. So let us see how his net worth compares to that of Lionel Messi.

Floyd Mayweather Net worth: Lionel Messi networth: Floyd Mayweather is arguably the biggest superstar in combat sports. Such is his fame and wealth that Mayweather has the nickname ‘Money’. So let us take a closer look at his net worth and see if Floyd Mayweather is richer than Lionel Messi. For more combat sports news, follow Insidesport.IN.

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Lionel Messi is all set to lead his country’s charge at the FIFA World Cup later today. And when Forbes released their list of the richest athletes in 2022, the Argentine Messi topped the charts as the richest sportsperson in the world with a whopping $130 million. This list considers only earnings from sports, and since Mayweather retired in 2017, it is no surprise that he didn’t even make the list.

Floyd Mayweather net worth: Is Mayweather richer than football star Lionel Messi?

However, when you look at net worth, which is a holistic figure, it is a lot closer between Mayweather and Lionel Messi. This is because of Mayweather’s incredible business ventures and his exhibition bouts.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lionel Messi’s net worth is a whopping $600 million. While he earns $130 million from his footballing exploits, his other avenues bump his net worth to $600 million. Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, has a reported net worth of $450 million. Therefore, Mayweather is not richer than Lionel Messi.

Floyd Mayweather networth: How does Floyd Mayweather still maintain his high net worth?

It is evident that retirement from professional boxing cost Mayweather his position in the Forbes list of the richest athletes. During his professional boxing days, Mayweather would make upwards of $100 million for each bout, if not more. So how does ‘Money’ Mayweather keep his net worth so high?

Firstly, Mayweather always spoke about the importance of investing. As a result, Mayweather owns several businesses in different industries. Moreover, he now also partakes in lucrative exhibition bouts.

Most recently, Mayweather took on YouTube star Deji in Dubai. Reports suggest Mayweather took home in the region of $25-30 million. So between his several business ventures, sponsorships, and exhibitions, it is no surprise to see Mayweather still has a very high net worth.

In addition, it doesn’t look like it will drop anytime soon.

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