Former Man United defender Gary Neville has attacked FIFA President Gianni Infantino for his recent press conference before the World Cup.

Gianni Infantino made some appalling remarks on Saturday in an hour long press conference where he tried to defend the host nation Qatar amid all the criticism they are receiving for various reasons. His speech included phrases like “today I feel gay” and “I feel a migrant worker” before he took a dig at Europe for their constant criticism of Qatar and its human rights shortcomings.

And Gary Neville is bemused by that and thinks the FIFA President should have used his words correctly. He criticised the aforementioned phrases and says Infantino shouldn’t have used those words.

“But he’s a terrible face for football, that guy (Infantino). Some of the things he said yesterday were inappropriate and shouldn’t be said by him. He should be statesmanlike, he should be bringing people together, he’s the global representative of football, not answering to one or two nations which he seemed to be doing yesterday. He’s got to rise above it,” Neville said to Bein Sports.

Gary Neville has attacked Gianni Infantino (Image Courtesy; Flickr)

The former defender also said that Infantino’s usage of words was not along the line and believes FIFA is a poor representation of football and needs to change its policy to be more inclusive to the global paradigm.

Neville also criticised the recurrent election of Infantino as the FIFA President for the next four years and said Infantino as “the worst face to represent the Middle East, Arabs, Muslims and the Qatar World Cup.”

The Swiss will be at the FIFA helm beyond the 2026 World Cup as he won the election uncontested four days ago. He was elected as FIFA President in 2016 and has been already re-elected back to power in 2019. The upcoming years will be his 3rd term as the FIFA supremo.

Qatar has been under fire for their ill-treatment of migrant workers and their hostile approach to the LGBTQ+ community.