Mahavir Singh Phogat has been moved by Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s acting in Dangal.

The movie has been made on the life of the legendary wrestling coach from Haryana and his three daughters, Gita, Veenesh and Babita.

Aamir Khan (left) Mahavir Singh Phogat (right)

Aamir has essayed the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat in the highly anticipated film of the year.

When the 56-year old wrestling coach was contacted for his reaction an emotional Mahavir said, “After watching the trailer of the movie last week, I have been overwhelmed. Aamir Khan has done superb acting.”

Mahavir Phogat had to overcome huge amount of hurdles, he had to face insult from his relatives as well as people around his residence in Balali village in Haryana and was opposed fiercely against his decision of bringing his ‘three daughters’ into the wrestling arena, called ‘akhara’.

Mahavir, however, did not care to the social obstructions and continued coaching his daughters.

He said, “For the first time in 2010, those people whose every day job was to tease and even sometimes abuse me for bringing my daughters into wrestling, came to me and apologised for their behavior when my elder daughter Geeta Phogat brought medal from Commonwealth Games.”

The Dronacharya awardee coach felt elated when he commented, “The film is coming with the message about my struggle against all odds and establishing myself in the field of wrestling.” Commenting on Aamir Khan’s weight gaining to become around 98 kg Mahavir smiled and said, “Yes, when I used to do wrestling, my weight was nearly 100 kg. And before the start of shooting of this movie, I advised the director of the movie about how Aamir could gain his weight and strengthen himself after going through some special type of exercises. When I met Aamir in Ludhiana during the shooting time, the actor confirmed me he had followed my advice regarding the expansion of his physique. This apart, he was highly perfectionist to know in detail about the technique and other aspects of the game. I have been extremely impressed.” The movie will release on 23rd December and according to Mahavir, it will be shown first in Balali, the village that has already been fanatic about Dangal.

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