Iswar Dahia, the mentor and the coach of Sakshi Malik is waiting for her student to resume the training at his famous akhara at Chotu Ram Stadium in Rohtak.

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That is the cradle of Sakshi’s wrestling. Her journey began at Chotu Ram Stadium under Dahiya’s careful tutelage and seemed to have completed at least one circle by clinching bronze in the Rio Olympics. (5 records set by Sakshi)

Sakshi Malik celebrates after her bronze medal effort in Rio Olympics
But in last two weeks after Sakshi had returned to country from Rio de Janeiro, she has not yet got time to meet with her childhood coach due to extremely busy schedule.

According to Dahia, his student had called him once only to confirm that she would resume training at his wrestling school by the end of this month. Dahia feels now Sakshi is going to face her toughest time in future. Dahia, speaking on the matter recently said, “Being flooded with cash and kinds any athlete gets buoyant and complacency influences on the performer. And it affects the player’s dedication and preparation. Sakshi also is going through such a condition. So before resuming her training she must have to reset her mind. She must have to start from the zero and bring the determination back. Otherwise, it will be tough for her to maintain the success level.” How will he guide his best student so far? Dahia quipped, “I will try to show her some older video recordings of her own training when Sakshi’s journey towards the international championships. Actually, the reason behind showing her those video recordings is to bring the zeal back in her mind.”

According to the coach, the key factor in Sakshi is her passion for wrestling and mental strength. The coach recalled those days when his student always refused to leave the training mat even after the end of scheduled two-hour training every morning. And today also, Iswar Dahia is waiting for her student with the same eagerness and keeping his eyes on the next international wrestling event, scheduled to be held in India in October.

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