Sakhshi Malik probably could not believe that she would obtain that rare opportunity again to meet with the legendary wrestler.

Sakshi claims bronze in Rio; Sindhu shines with silver

That might have been the reason Sakshi Malik seemed almost speechless after she came to know Sushil Kumar has also been invited to be present by the Delhi government in their felicitation programme for the 2 Rio Olympics medallists, shuttler PV Sindhu (silver) and wrestler Sakshi (bronze) on Wednesday (August 31) in New Delhi. (Who is Sakshi?)

From left: PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Sushil Kumar at a felicitation ceremony in New Delhi on Wednesday (August 31).
Sakhshi’s father Sukhvir Malik, talking to OneIndia, from New Delhi over phone later said, “Sushil Kumar has always been Sakshi’s idol since her childhood. And it was not the first time my daughter met Sushil on Wednesday (August 31). They have met on a few more occasions previously. But today it was first time that Sakshi could talk to Sushil for a few minutes. It was first time Sakshi even asked for some technical advices on wrestling. That was the reason my daughter was overwhelmed!” (Who is Sindhu?) It was normal that Sakshi would be passionate after meeting a legendary wrestler like Sushil. But despite being a badminton player, Sindhu also became ecstatic after having met Sushil. (List of cash awards for Sindhu) While talking to OneIndia, from New Delhi over phone, Sushil looked calm and affable. He said, “Both the medallists have shown me great respect. Probably I do not deserve that much!”

Even Sindhu jokingly asked Sushil what kind of training could make her wrists so powerful also like Sushil. The bronze medallist from Bejing and silver from London Olympics laughingly replied, “I told them, now you are the actual palowans (champions). So, if they also go through proper training then they both will have the same powerful wrists also.” But all apart the legendary wrestler had also delivered some advices to the medallists which Sukhvir said, “It became simply priceless to both Sindhu and Sakhshi.” Sushil said to them, “After having achieved first bronze in Bejing I used to keep the medal in my training place. And after having finished my training every evening I used to look at the medal and think that I must have to increase the number of medals. Looking at the bronze every evening used to give me huge inspiration. You also make a habit of looking at your medals. I am sure that number of your medals will also increase in Tokyo Olympics!”

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