T20 World Cup 2022, India vs Netherlands: Suryakumar Yadav and Virat Kohli shared a blistering partnership to guide Men in Blue to a 56-run win.

There was able ally for Suryakumar in the form of Virat Kohli at the other end, who himself made a 62 off 44 balls with 3 fours and 2 sixes.

It was not surprising then to listen to Suryakumar that he loves to bat alongside Kohli during the post-match press do.

Q: Paul van Meekeren informed us that you were the biggest threat to Holland’s bowlers. People talk about Virat, Hardik and Rohit.

Suryakumar: “Obviously, I’ll take it as a compliment and won’t comment on it. Just be myself and what I’m doing, I think I’ll just do that when I’m going in to bat. That’s it.”

Q. Can you talk about your camaraderie with Virat Kohli because he really enjoys whenever you play shots. What kind of talk goes around when you are batting with him?

Suryakumar: I think the thoughts and the plans are very clear depending upon the situation when I’m going in to bat.

Obviously, at the same time my plans are very clear when I go in to bat. I look for boundaries, try and hit the gaps and run hard. You know, when you are batting with him, you have to run hard as well.

He just clears your thoughts. I mean, when I was batting and when I was a little confused when I was inside, he was just coming up to me and telling me what delivery can you expect now from that bowler.

So it’s a very good camaraderie, and I’m really enjoying batting with him right now.

Q. It’s not the first time you’ve had, good partnership with Virat. Can you tell us something about it?

Suryakumar: It feels really good to have numbers around, but at the same time, what I have been doing in the last few years is just eating fruits of that hard work maybe.

Q. What makes it click with you and Virat, the partnership?

Suryakumar: I feel we respect each other’s game when we are batting together. For example, if I am getting few boundaries from one end, then he tries to rotate and to keep the intent to look for good shots.

It’s just the respect we have for each of us when we are batting together. We just enjoy batting with each other and what shots he plays. We try to run hard as much as possible.

So it’s a great thing, and really looking forward to having more partnerships with him.

Q. Can you just tell us the kind of consistency, like, scoring at a rate of 200 over the last six months. You talked about hard work, but can you tell us a bit of process about the hard work?

Suryakumar: “I feel what I have done during my practice sessions back home when I go back to Mumbai and do it, I try and put a lot of pressure on myself whenever I’m going for a few practice sessions or playing a match scenario or doing anything any game.

I try and put a lot of pressure on myself during my net session. So, for example, if I am targeting a few balls, and I have to get N number of runs, if I get out, I just come out. That day I don’t go in to bat again.

The same thing I’m been reflecting when I go into the games, and my plans have been very clear. What shots I have in my kitty, I just go out and express that. I won’t do anything out of the box.

It has been helping me, and hopefully try and do the same thing in the coming games.

Q. First match in Australia…How have you sort of prepared for it, and what have you found challenging?

Suryakumar: This is the first time I’ve come to Australia. There has been a challenge. I mean, obviously, bigger grounds, quick wickets.

But where I play back home in Mumbai, Wankhede also has good quick wickets, so it has helped me, and I’m really enjoying batting here.

Q. Since the last World Cup, we had seen the team had consciously tried to take more risks in the first 6, 7 overs and have the high tempo throughout the innings. How is it working?

Suryakumar: I think from my point of view, the number that I am batting, I have practiced that in the last three, four years. Whatever the situation is, I have to just bat according to it.

Looking at the game plan, I think the plan has been very simple. Obviously, you have to assess the conditions. The last two wickets were completely different where we played today. It was a little slow, and the last game it was a little quick and bouncy wicket.

So you have to adjust. And just, obviously, everyone must be having their own plan, and they are trying to execute it. Hopefully, we will come out again and do the same.