Japanese supporters stay at the Khalifa Stadium after their World Cup win over Germany to clean up the litter of the stadium.

Japan played their Group E game against four-time World Champions Germany. They came back from 1-0 down to register a mammoth 2-1 victory against the mighty Germans. And after the match, they stayed at the Khalifa stadium and cleaned up all the waste instead of celebrating their win.

This beautiful gesture was caught in the camera as the majority of the Japanese contingent spent another hour with their Blue disposal bags, collecting garbage under their seat in an attempt to clean the stadium. Hundred of Blue bags were distributed by the Japanese supporters, and people of all ages joined in tidying up the stadium.

This is not the first time they have shown this to the world. They did the same in the last World Cup in Russia after their 3-2 loss against Belgium. Even few Japanese fans were caught cleaning up the stadium in the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, in which their nation didn’t even play.

Even after a famous win at the World Cup, Japan fans stayed behind to clean up ❤️ pic.twitter.com/BJnGEQWs6s

— B/R Football (@brfootball) November 23, 2022

A Qatari fan captured the cleaning up with his camera and said afterwards how the Japanese people cleared up the litter.

“When I asked them, ‘Why are you cleaning something not related to you?’ The answer was, ‘Japanese never leave rubbish behind us. We respect the place,'” the Qatar fan said.

People around the world have lauded this incredible ethic by the Japanese people. The stadiums after the matches become full of litter and plastic wastes from the food items and other used materials. Cleaning up the mess after the match is quite surely a noble gesture the Japanese people have managed to continue.

Even the Japan football team is known for their courteous gesture. Four years ago after their agonising loss against Belgium in the Round of 16, the distraught Japan players still managed to leave a ‘Thank You’ note in Russian at their dressing room. Japan have already made a huge leap towards reaching the knockout stages yet again after their massive win over Germany on Wednesday.

And off the field, their supporters have continued the legacy as well.