Wrestler Narsingh Yadav stakes claim for Rio Olympic, Sushil Kumar says ready for trials.

While both are correct on their stand its the federation which is facing a daunting task of what to do.

Narsingh Yadav (left) Sushil Kumar (right)
After winning a bronze medal in 74-kg category at the World Championship in Las Vegas, 26-year-old Narsingh had secured the Olympic quota place for India last year.

Since then, the Maharashtra grappler has been staking his claim for the berth under which India’s two time Olympic medal winner Sushil Kumar is also preparing.

What is the issue:

Narsingh Yadav qualified for India in the 74 kg freestyle wrestling category while Sushil Kumar’s favorite 66 kg category is now history.

Since the Haryana grappler (Sushil) has raised his weight to compete in 74 kg, the only way he can book his berth to Rio is if he beats Narsingh in a qualifying trial, provided the federation agrees to such a trial.

What do rules say?

As per rules, an Olympic berth is for the country concerned and not the wrestler who might have clinched it. India’s men’s freestyle chief coach Kuldeep Malik and Sushil have maintained that the 74kg division quota would be eventually decided on current form before the Rio Olympics.

What is Narsingh Yadav saying?

The Maharashtra grappler, Narsingh, has been staking his claim for the berth ever since winning World Championship last year.

“While India would get a place in a particular category, but generally wrestlers who earn the country a place, go to the Olympics eventually,” Narsingh has maintained.

Now, as the dates for Rio Olympics are nearing, Narsingh has upped his ante.

“Sushil is keeping his case. I am putting mine. Everyone has to fight for ones’ right. I have done well in 74 kgs and am confident I will go,” Narsingh was quoted as saying.

Sushil Kumar says ready for a fair trial:

But former world champion Sushil pointed out that there had been trails in the past also whenever there were more than one able contender for a particular weight division. The double Olympic medallist has said all he is asking for are trails to chose the best wrestler for the Rio Games.

“All I am asking for are trails. I am not saying you send me to Rio because of my glorious past. I am only saying that whoever between me and Narsingh is better, should represent the country at Olympics. A quota belongs to the country and not to a particular individual; so when there are two good contenders, there must be a fair trial. There is a procedure that should be followed,” Sushil told PTI.

“Even the reigning world and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs had to undergo trials to make it to the US team for the Rio Games. It happens everywhere.”

Only aim is to win another medal for India: Sushil Kumar

Bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and silver winner at London Games four year later, Sushil said his job was to prepare himself well for the Rio Games and not think about trails.

“I would not have asked for the trials if I was not well prepared. I am asking for it because I am feeling extremely fit and my preparations are top class. I am confident of doing well if I go to Rio,” said the 32-year-old.

“I have been at three Olympics already and won two medals. My only aim is to win another medal for India.”

Trials took place when more than one able contender for a particular weight division:

As per Sushil Kumar, trails took place before the 1992 and 1996 Olympics as there were more than one contenders in a particular category. It didn’t take place last year because there was no competition; there wasn’t anybody to challenge Sushil Kumar.

Wrestling Federation of India is yet to take a call:

However, the WFI is yet to take a call on whether to hold the trials in men’s 74-kg freestyle category between veteran Sushil and Narsingh.

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