You give us Virat Kohli, keep the World Cup: Pakistani mans hospitality to Indian family wins hearts.

A similar heartwarming video of a Pakistani national giving a memory of a lifetime to a family from India in Islamabad is winning over hearts.

In a video uploaded on Twitter, a Pakistani national named Tahir Khan didn’t just give a lift to an Indian family but also took them to his office and offered them a meal.

The family, hailing from Hyderabad (India), was in Pakistan’s capital city for their daughter’s international tennis competition.

Once he got to know that they belonged to India, Tahir insisted that they come to his office and have a meal with him. In the video, the family could be seen relishing delicious Hyderabadi biryani with their hospitable host and even sharing their pleasant experiences of their stay in Pakistan.

“I want my Indian friends and followers to watch this video. An Indian family who’re visiting Pakistan for his daughter’s tennis match in Islamabad. They met a good friend of mine Tahir Khan and asked for a lift. They’ve shared their experience in the video. This is Pakistan in real,” the text attached to the video read.

As usual, cricket always binds Indian and Pakistani fans and Tahir also had some conversations with his neighbours on the sport. With the T20 World Cup going on, the Pakistani national jokingly urged his guests to give them Virat Kohli and they can keep the World Cup for themselves in return. “Aap Virat Kohli humein de do, aap trophy lekar jayein (Give us Virat Kohli, you may take the trophy),” he said.

Team India and Pakistan – who are participating in the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia – are in the semi-finals and competing for the coveted trophy. Kohli has set the showpiece event on fire with his explosive batting performances.

In the next clip, the girl claimed that she didn’t expect such hospitality from the people of Pakistan.